And………here’s the DEAL!!!

Just a quick note for our soon-to-be-players out there:

Wobble World will be participating in a Indie Game Promotional deal on GetGamesGo!

Man, aren’t those guys awesome?


The pricing and details haven’t been decided yet, but keep up!  We’ll be posting more news as we go.

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Newest Game

Having gotten Wobble World online and for sale, the dev team decided to work on something a little more adventurous.  While a plat-former might not be much more so, it is definitely more complicated than Wobble World.  The tentative name for it is “Mouse Go Boom”.  I’m actually hoping that the graphics and unusual weapons system will make people overlook the common-place platform behind it.

A graphic from our artist, made two days ago for Mouse Go Boom.


This actually one of the good guys, so you should be able to tell that the whole game should have a darkish, sort of creepy atmosphere to it.

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YEAH!  Wobble World is online at GetGamesGo.  Only a 1.99$.   After a lot a work, I finally got it debugged and sent in.  It is now in the indie section.  Thanks to all the great guys at GetGames.


Click the photo to go to the website.

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Sorry for the lack of frequent posting.  Other things have come up and left little time for serious game design.  However, I am working hard on debugging the game, and hoping to get it online by 9/23/13.

I discovered that the sound system needed to be completely reworked and got that done, before realizing that the last five levels were way too hard and needed to be softened up.  Working on that now, as well as making sure the last of the trophies work properly.

Here’s a link so you can see the “Coming Soon” page on

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Cool tools in GameMaker

I’ve heard a lot of people say that GameMaker’s built in Graphics Editor isn’t up to snuff. Now, while it ISN’T up to the standards of Photoshop or GIMP, it is certainly a lot better than, say, Paint or equivalent programs.  I’ve had a lot of fun working with the built-in Graphics Editor, and it makes creating good looking graphics a lot easier.

Anything more complicated than pixel art should be created in some other program, like GIMP or Inkscape.  But after-effects and special-effects are easily applied in GM.  In fact, GM works best with its own Editor.  For example, here is a spiral that I built in Inkscape.  It looked really bad at first, but after a quick bit of work with the GM Editor, it looks fantastic.Image

In-game, with the level-buttons, it looks even better!Image

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